Bevelled Edges

Denotative Meanings

A bevelled edge refers to the edge of a pack that is not perpendicular to its faces. 1 “A bevel is typically used to soften the edge of a piece either for safety, wear resistance, [or] aesthetics.” Cigarette packs currently display two main types of bevelling: the “rounded edge” that is created by many consecutive folds, and the flat edge that is associated with an octagonal-shaped pack. (This distinction is also drawn by Richard W. Pollay. 2)

Bevelled edges are associated with roof-top opening styles. The bevelled edge arguably adds a pleasing tactility, a trait it shares with embossing and debossing.


According to tobacco industry documents, “bevelled edge packaging denote[s] premium and unique values to create a perception of status.” 3 One marketing document acknowledges the appeal of bevelling by noting that “[p]ack graphics should accentuate LA-10’s unique bevelled edge construction, thereby creating a contemporary, modern appearance and perception.” 4


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