Cigarette Size


Denotative Meanings

The cigarette size refers to the length and diameter of the cigarette. Regular sized cigarettes are normally 70 mm long, whereas King Sized cigarettes are typically 84 mm, 100s are approximately 100 mm, and 120s are 120 mm. Slims and Superslims are thinner in diameter than regular cigarettes.


Overarching Theme Sub-Theme Connotative Chains 
Lifestyle  Glamour / Luxury Long and slim –> Graceful –> Glamourous

  • “Typical of the comments made by those to whom the 100mm cigarette appealed at first sight was this statement by a clerk in her 30’s: “I like that. It looks like my dream cigarette. It’s dainty and graceful and very feminine. That’s the longest filter I ever saw. May I smoke it?” 1
Lifestyle  Gender  Slim and Superslim –> Elongated, slender, thin –> Idealized female form

  • “The concept of Slim cigarettes has its appeal in an association with sophistication & feminity, as well as a sense of being fashionable.” 2
  • Supermodel and chainsmoker Kate Moss, who famously stated “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
Healthfulness  Strength Longer, thinner cigarette shape –> Elegance, perception of less tar –> Lighter, healthier

  • “Preliminary consumer research indicated that some consumers perceive Capri cigarettes to be healthier (less tobacco, less tar). Using the Merit trademark or a flavor brand, the marketing strategy is to position this product with a much stronger perceived health proposition than Capri.” 3
  • Regarding the proposed production of a customized book of recipes and menu suggestions for the customers of Carlton Slims:”Elegance in entertaining is important to the women who choose Carlton Slims. So are lighter, healthier meals. To help meet those needs, Light and Elegant Entertaining will feature a variety of light recipes in a format that is packed with elegant party ideas.” 4



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