Plastic Wrap

Denotative Meanings

This refers to the plastic wrapping that encases the entire cigarette package when first purchased.


Wrappers create more space upon which companies can promote their brands.

“Employing wrappers as an ad medium enables B.A.T to rapidly launch promotions without having to alter the actual pack design.” 1


Overarching Theme Sub-Theme Connotative Chains
Lifestyle  Gamour / Luxury Du Maurier’s ‘City Series’ plastic wrappers show trendy streets of major Canadian urban centres, such as Toronto’s West Queen West and Montreal’s Le Plateau.

  • Trendy –> Glamourous


  • Benson & Hedges used the plastic wrap (below left) to introduce the Viscount brand and rebrand it as part of the Benson and Hedges family.

    B&H Brand –> Premium status


  • Peter Jackson has used its plastic wrap to highlight traits such as “signatures,” “famous,” recognizable,” and “style.” Together, these lexical items convey glamour.


Lifestyle  Gender 
  • Vogue’s First Anniversary plastic wrap reinforces the brand’s feminine appeal by depicting feminine shapes, colours, and typography.




  1. Advertising Age. BAT uses cigarette wrappers for ads. Available at: Accessed April 25, 2012.